Zack Childress Review about purchasing tax liens online


Tax liens are one of the obscure corners of real estate that not all are aware of. This article is an attempt to publicize how to purchase tax liens online. With the advent of technology, buying tax liens online has become a much simpler process, but not all are aware of it. This article will walk you through the process and uncover the basic process of it.

  • Decide on where you will invest: While there are several restrictions to online tax sales, the most important constraint is that you are limited to the states that have online tax sales. Not all states in the US entertain online auctions, while states like Florida, Indiana, Louisiana does, not all counties have online tax sales, our tax lien online course will help you find a list of these counties, and other details required.

  • Discover the tax sale information: Most if not all of the data that you need is generally provided on the bidding or online auction website, which make things easier than ever. You can approach the county tax collector or treasurer, in order to find out where to go about it, or can also research and get educated from tax-distressed leading online auctioneer sites that conducts many of the online tax sales.

  • Evaluation process: the hardest part of everything comes now; it is all about doing your due diligence for the tax sale properties and finding out if it is worth the effort. While some counties provide a lot of information about the tax distressed property, in some cases, you do not always get to see the entire list of tax delinquent properties available for sale. As an alternative, the properties are listed separately or in batches by an ID number, where you will have to click on each of them to get an idea, but not all information you need are listed here and this is where buying a meticulous list with all the evaluation information for the property can me very accommodating.

  • Get equipped for the bidding process: A few weeks ahead of the sale, you should register for the sale and it is worth to note that you will be bidding for the tax lien certificate, but not for the property itself. Moreover, it is essential that you secure some amount for the deposit and for the non-refundable registration fee. For tax sales that bring into play ACH Debit as the process of payment for tax liens, you have to pay before the close of the tax sale and as with wire transfers the payment should be done within a day or two.

  • Bid successfully: With online tax sales, this is easy to pull off. The online tax auction website usually opens up at least a couple of weeks before the tax sale, thereby giving you a plenty of time to bid as long as you register and get your deposit in on time. Keep track of the batches and get there before the closing time.

Hope you found this article about purchasing tax liens online helpful. Whether you want to expand your portfolio or become a successful real estate investor, Zack Childress real estate guide can help you become a successful investor effortlessly. For more information about tax liens.


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