REI Success Academy/ REI Quick Cash System Refund and Cancellation Policy

Please observe the following return / refunds policy prior to purchasing any products from this web site:

1. General:
If in doubt about ANY provisions of these Policy please contact our office BEFORE making a purchase and get clarification.

A. Shipping & handling charges are not refundable.
B. Most of the products we sell through our websites come with the Unconditional Guarantee. That means, you may return a product you purchased from our website(s) for any reason within 30 days of your purchase for a full refund , except the following:

If you purchased the product at an event outside of REI Success Academy, your refund period will reflect the refund period state on your receipt from that event.

C. Only two (2) returns are allowed per calendar year.

2. Refund Process
A. You must fill out a request for refund form and submit it into our office and speak with someone from our office about your request to return the product before an approval will be given.

B. Physical Products

For all valid physical product returns, ship the product to:
For products authored by ARES Publishing dbaREI Success Academy
Ship to: 207 Lowry Street Huntsville, AL 35805 USA. If you have any questions please call 1(866)592-2429 ext. 1
Digital Products

For all digital product returns, we will deactivate your user login access after your refund has been approved and processed.
For products authored by one of our joint venture partners (usually those you purchased through a tele-seminar): Ship to JV partner's return address NOT OURS. Please contact the author of the product for a return address and ship the package there. The contact information should be marked on the course packaging and/or Manuals. Email us to if you're having troubles locating contact information for the author. We'll be glad to help.

C. Notify Us Of Your Return

Email a copy of the information above (#2 & #3) with the note you've sent the product for a refund to so we know you'd sent it to our shipper or joint venture partner and track your return. As soon as we confirm information about your return with our shipper of JV partner's office, we'll issue you a prompt refund.

D. All physical product returns are subject to a Restocking fee equivalent to 10% of the purchase price.

3. Purchasing More Than Single Product At One Time

Suppose you purchased two (2) or more products at the same time ("bundle" or "package") and then later decided to return them for a refund. You can only request and receive a refund for one of the products in the bundle. It's your choice which of the products you return. Other products in the bundle will fall under our Repeat Returns policy of only one product refund per customer or company (see above).

4. Extended Guarantees
Some products come with the guarantee or return policy that's longer than our standard 30 days return policy.  This extended guarantee will be honored, as long as it doesn't fall under other exceptions under this policy. Typically extended guarantees are clearly announced on a web page advertising the product that has such a guarantee.

5. Performance Guarantees

Some products come with a performance guarantee. That means:

A. The purchaser is promised specific results from the use of the product. If promised results are not obtained - the guarantee will kick in.

B. However, a purchaser is required to perform certain activities, as explained by the product to achieve promised results; there may be other stipulations of what is required before the guarantee  kicks in. If these stipulations are not satisfied by the  purchaser - the guarantee will become null and void.

Performance guarantees and all the applicable stipulations are clearly announced on a web page advertising the product that has such a guarantee.

6. No Guarantees

A small number of products may carry a "no guarantee" tag, i.e., they can't be returned and no refunds will be issued. This is clearly announced on the web page advertising the product.

7. No Refunds on Services and Consulting
All sales are final on any services, such as consulting, coaching, mentoring, credit repair services, etc. No refunds will be issued.

8. Sealed Information With Proprietary Software, Documents, Samples

Make sure your product is not damaged.

The product you're returning must be in a "like new, same as shipped to you, ready to resell" condition. That means, no scratches, no tears, bends, all printed pages in order, all audio CDs or tapes are present, and inserted in the original cases. There will be a 25% restocking charge if a product is returned in not "like new ready to resell condition". This inlcudes all "bonus materials" and any other items shipped to you at the time of purchase.

If the package contains data/forms CDs with proprietary copyrighted items, such as software, marketing samples, legal forms, contracts, documents, etc. that are SEALED with the warning that opening such items will VOID the return privileges - do NOT open such items. Or you WON'T be able to return a product for refund. You can still examine the rest of the materials, i.e., study the manuals, listen to the audio CDs or cassettes, etc. But do NOT bother to send the product back for return if you opened sealed items with warnings prohibiting returns.

9. Copyright Violations

All materials purchased through our website are copyright protected. None of the materials can be copied whether in printed, electronic, CDs, DVDs or any other format. Nor can they be copied or transferred from one media to another. Any such copyright violation shall void any return/refund privileges.


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