Dc Fawcett Scam avoid technique – How to Avoid Real Estate Scams

Dc Fawcett Scam

Dc Fawcett Technology started evolving as soon as computers came into existence. The industries considered to be a boon as it reduced manpower and saved lot of time, likewise real estate industry started to flourish with the emergence and evolution of several technologies.

Dc Fawcett Scam avoid technique 10 timely tips to help you avoid scams


  • Internet
  • Emerging Technologies


The availability and access to internet from any remote place has helped the investors to monitor the market real time using the mobile applications created by the real estate brokers and agents. The drawback is that it has reduced face-to-face meetings between a buyer and seller, as well as the cost spent to improve and invent technology is extremely high and more matured professionals find it difficult to use these mobile applications as they couldn’t cope with this bandwagon.

2.Emerging Technologies:

Drones have helped to find property listing from above the tree top; they can capture spectacular aerial images and videos of home amenities which would help the investors looking out for a property. There have been constant improvements in manufacturing drones like controlling it over a smart phone and take high resolution images and serve as one of the best way to advertise a property. Beacon technology can replace the age old real estate agents. Virtual touring with the help of virtual reality has made the work of the seller and buyer easier as they can view the property and conclude to proceed or not further.

Big data analytics and digital marketing can forecast the next move of the buyer. People will give more priority to a household enabled with smart technology and keep them engaged by providing information similar to their preferences. Smart technology can be in the form of energy efficient housing, functional improvement, smart home is when everything can be controlled and monitored using a smart phone. For sale sign is an upcoming technology where buyers can get the entire information about the property without fixing an appointment with the realtor as they walk by. Machine learning will help to enhance your search results while looking for an apartment.

Technology is advancing, it will not stop and it is better to learn and make use of the technology in the right way as there are many scams have been taking place quite recently.

Dc Fawcett Scam – Completely false and baseless

Dc Fawcett real estate

The hackers get through the e-mail account of the real estate professionals to know their transactions; they install malicious software on their computer. The latest scam is that hacker obtains the realtor e-signature and login information by phishing which resembles like an authenticated realtor providing information. Hackers inject malicious virus by sending e-mail attached with Google drive links without sender’s name.

Dc Fawcett Scam avoid technique

Dc Fawcett Scam avoid technique – How to Avoid Real Estate Scams

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