If you’ll give me the next few minutes, I’ll show you

how to invest in real estate with co-wholesaling

And I’ll show you how to do it…

Without spending a single dime of your own money.

Just like one of my new students Brett did.

Which was quite a huge feat, because

Brett has been a minister for the past 15 years and had…

Zero previous experience with the Quick Cash system I taught him…

No money or credit to work with…

And he had never really even tried anything entrepreneurial at all.

Brett was working a nine to five J-O-B that barely paid his bills and every month he was hustling like a mad man to make ends meet.

And when he finally decided that he was tired of struggling to survive, he was tired of having to say NO to purchases when all he really wanted to say was YES!

I showed him the simple process I use to make Quick Cash each and every day.

And within 6 days from getting started,

Get this – Brett completed his 1st deal.

In 6 short days…

And he did it ALL following the step-by-step system for making quick cash that I’m going to share with you here in this short training video, but first…

Let me properly introduce myself…

My name is Zack Childress and…

The system I showed Bret has made me a TON of money over the last few years.

You see, I’ve made a fortune buying and selling real estate for the last XX years and in that time I’ve discovered an ingenious way to capitalize on the amazing market we’re in right now…

Without taking on ANY risk…

Without EVER having to buy or own a property (which means you NEVER need to have money or credit)…

And without ever having to talk to motivated sellers and get them to sell me their house!

It’s the absolute PERFECT strategy for making money in real estate right now and it’s the only honest to goodness way I’ve ever seen for making money in real estate without spending money.

So, I’m sure you’re wondering what this strategy is right? Well, I’m about to share the exact steps with you on how to get started in less than 7 minutes from right now, but first…

Have you heard the media bashing real estate lately?

…Me too.

But be careful, because the mis-information being spouted off by these so called ‘honest news channels’ can cause you to lose a ton of profits…

It’s true…

Much of the mainstream media would have you believe that now is a bad time to be involved in real estate

But that couldn’t be farther from the truth…

And I’m not just saying that because I’ve done so well when others are scared…

In fact, Warren Buffet was recently quoted on CNBC as saying:

“If I could invest in anything in the world, I would buy up a couple hundred thousand single-family homes.”

Even CNN, MSNBC, and The Wall Street Journal are all reporting that the real estate market has hit rock bottom and is finally turning around…

Now is actually the best time ever for making money

using my Quick Cash strategy…


As a Co-Wholesaler you can bring in $5,000 – $10,000 in as little as one week following my 3 simple steps, just like…

…Charles Thomas

“Hey Zack,
Are you kidding me! I made one phone call to a wholesaler and she has a boatload of houses for me in TX. She was all on board with letting me Co-Wholesale.

This BLEW ME AWAY!! Not bad for looking over your material for one day. This is coming in very fast. WOW!!!”

 ~Charles Thomas
Columbus OH

And Martin Who Said…
“Just wanted to let you know how things are going. You make this so easy to follow, your process is very easy to get to the Next Step. It was only 3 days after I started that I got my first deal and closed it in 2 weeks.

I have been doing the things you teach the phone rings off the hook. I am pulling down 7 deals per month right now.
Thank You!!!

If I can do this then anyone can do this!!!
Vallejo, CA

But I do want to warn you: This isn’t JUST another opportunity.

Today I’m releasing a small quantity of my brand new “Quick Cash System”, and when you watch this short video you’ll discover…

My ‘back door’ way for making money in real estate without having to own anything, buy anything or have any cash or credit.

It’s a step-by-step blueprint to making $5,000 – $10,000 within the next 7 days and keep the deals coming in week, after week, after week!

Making money as a Co-Wholesaler is easy…

All you’re doing is simply connecting one of the thousands of people looking for good deals with people who have those good deals.

You GET PAID for being a middleman, a connector, a deal maker.

And you’re actually helping your community, improving your social status, and becoming a verified pillar of opportunity within your circle of influence by simply connecting 2 people and profiting from it.
When you get started you’ll discover how to…

  • Make Money Without ever having to buy a property! (Allowing you to profit from the real estate market without putting anything at risk!)
  • Get Cash Quickly – If you need money NOW (like Brett did from earlier in this video there’s no faster way to bringing $5,000 than as a co-wholesaler)
  • Use a New School Strategy for profiting in real estate that actually works in today’s market!

It’s really simple once you see how I’m doing this.

So simple that it can be used by anyone…

…including people who haven’t ever done anything in real estate!

Heck, even If everything you’ve ever tried to ‘get ahead’ has failed up until now, it doesn’t matter because…


  • DON’T ever buy these properties, so you don’t need cash or need to get a  loan!
  • DON’T need to have a list of buyers, as they will flock to your deals!
  • DON’T need banks, hard money lenders, or traditional financing!
  • DON’T have to spend much in marketing to find deals…they’re everywhere and you can source them mostly for FREE!
  • DON’T need previous real estate experience

Introducing The Real Estate Quick Cash System

I’ve laid out the exact steps and provided you with the proper tools to guarantee your success…

Inside this Quick Cash System I’ll walk you through every simple step so you can be profiting as a Co-Wholesaler in no time.

In fact, when you get started today you’ll follow along with Brett and myself as I show you how he started from scratch and made $4,000 in six short days!

You’ll be able to follow along in real time, just as Brett did.

Here’s everything you get with INSTANT online digital access:

Module One:  Finding & Qualifying Deal Partners

  • Get completely setup from start to finish and start profiting from the current housing and foreclosure boom across the country – this is different than what 99.9% of investors are doing!
  • Discover how to find the best deals from a secret pool of thousands of wholesalers that are dying to work with you because you are their only option!
  • Exactly what to say when approaching your deal partners an dhow to get them to give you 50% off every deal they ever do with you!
  • The 5 ‘Yes’ answers you must get from every deal partner before  you connect them with a buyer or risk never getting paid!
  • How to bring in $5,000 on deals you NEVER own in 30 days or less…on a shoestring budget!

Module Two: Finding Deal Buyers & Securing Your Position

  • Discover my top 5 favorite places to find cash rich deal buyers that are hungry for great deals and ready to close now!
  • How to talk to and deal with deal buyers so you can feel confident and get your deals closed quickly!
  • What to say, do, and write for every single scenario and situation you’ll ever see – This will give you confidence and credibility like nothing else!
  • Discover how  to FINALLY level the playing field and close deals in less than 30 days using a strategy that is proven and perfect for today’s market!

Module Three: Handling Paperwork & Getting Paid!

  • How to have buyers literally foaming at the mouth and begging to get deals from you!
  • How to collect your entire profit…and stay in control of the deal until you do! SO you never get ‘cut out of the deal’ or lose any money!
  • Exactly how to complete all the necessary paperwork (it’s not much) so that you can confidently go into a closing knowing everything is done correctly, legally, and ethically.
  • How to automate and systemize the entire process so you can do it over and over again!

I’m giving you everything you need to

succeed quickly with the Quick Cash system…

But what if you could flick a switch and almost all of the work was done for you?

Imagine how fast you could be making money if you had an automated software that with the click of a button would pull a list of certified wholesalers across the country that you could contact immediately!

How much time and energy would you save if all you had to do was simply click a button and a piece of wicked smart software did everything FOR YOU?

This piece of software alone can cut your time
spent on bringing in profits in half!

Here, let me show you how this amazing little software works for me…

Insert software demo video (needs to be short and sweet)

With this tool at your side you won’t waste a second, allowing you to search for wholesale partners and buyers nationwide on autopilot and for FREE!

This is the only way to work smarter and not harder. Having this gets you ahead, makes you more profitable, and saves you time.

Not to mention the fact that I’ve spent thousands of dollars developing this amazing little software for myself and I could easily sell it for $495 or more!

Here’s what one of my students recently said about

this amazing little piece of time saving software:

“Zack – WOW…this software is amazing! I’m not even a tech person and I easily figured it out. I’ve already built a giant list of buyers and I’m only 3 days into the program….thank you…thank you…thank you!”
– Joshua B.

Up to now this extraordinary Real Estate Quick Cash System and software would have cost as much as $997 or more.

But I know $1,000 is more than the average person can afford.

So I’ve decided to price it so low that most people would think they’re taking advantage of me.


Because I want this to be the easiest and fastest cash you’ve ever made. I’m currently writing what many are calling the next “real estate New York times bestseller” and I need your success stories.

That’s my big reason for drastically reducing the price. I know that I’ll make a much bigger impact  by getting you started today and using your success stories in my new book than I would by selling this system for $1,000, so…

Here’s a deal I think you’ll like love…

If you’re willing to track where you are now and where you are after just 1-2 weeks after getting the system…
and then boast, brag, and recommend it to your friends, here’s what I’m prepared to do for you…

You can have access to the entire program and get your Quick Cash profits coming in now…

Simply follow my system step by step and you can bring in as much as $5,000 in as little as one week from today, and…

No, I’m Not Going To Charge You a Thousand Bucks For This *BRAND NEW* system.

I’m not even going to charge half of that, at just $500.

Not even half again at just a paltry $250

(even though the normal price after this introductory offer will be at least $297).

In fact, if you go below and click the ‘add to cart’ button right now, you can have total access to everything for a measly $49.

And no … that’s NOT a misprint.

That’s really like a tear drop in the ocean when you realize the potential you’ll be cashing in on each and every week with this system.

If you can follow a few very simple steps, have a cell phone, and you aren’t afraid to call a few people who want to hear from you…then you have everything you need to kick-butt with the Real Estate Quick Cash System.

And even though you receive full access for a one time incredibly small fee, I know it’s important to you that you’ve made the right decision,

I am going to fully back your investment so you can feel absolutely secure that this is the right system for you…

That’s why if the system doesn’t work for you, you don’t pay!

I am completely removing your risk, and putting all the risk on my own shoulders with this guarantee…

Need specific guarantee here

So you can move forward knowing that your decision right here today is 100% secure…and not set in stone until the system works for you.

Simply click the ‘add to cart’ button now to get started on our secure site…

…and NO, there is NO MONTHLY charge

I hate hidden charges just as much as you do.  That’s why you’ll only make one payment today…that’s it.

You’ll get everything…the entire step-by-step system delivered instantly to you for one super low price.

It’s straight forward and it’s simple.

And you’ll get insane results from your Real Estate Quick Cash system, or you pay nothing.

I’ve vigorously designed this system so that anyone  including you –
can jump right in and start bringing in $5,000 paydays without having to spend any money getting started, needing good credit, or previous experience.

Just like Brett did…

“My experience with Zack was phenomenal! In seven adventurous days of discovery, Zack took the basic real- estate investing knowledge that I had and expanded it beyond belief with co-wholesaling!

This wasn’t as difficult as I had thought it would be.

I’m excited about Zack’s Quick Cash tools and strategies! They made my confidence soar! My goals have become more easily obtainable thanks to his ability to pass on real-life experience to students like myself. I see the horizon! If I can do it, you can do it! I encourage you to get saturated with Zack’s products. They are timely and proven to bring you the success you desire as a real-estate investor in today’s market. Thanks Zack!”

– Brett

And CJ Coreiro From Florida…

“I did just what you said I found another wholesaler who had a buyer and let him sell my deal for me. I received ½ the assignment fee and the best part is that the other wholesaler deposited the money right into my checking account, so I did not have to do anything I did not even go to the closing it can not get more automated than that.
My next deal that closed on 3/18/11 I was at your Real Estate Academy in Atlanta, Ga. I received this house from a Co-Wholesaler. I put it under contract and found a buyer through craigslist. So while I was taking notes in your event the closing was taking place. I never would have thought of this if it was not for Zack and your cutting edge training. Thank you Zack!!

PS – That deal only took one hour and when I got back on Monday I had a check in the mail for it!

CJ Coreiro

I’ve literally done everything for you here.

When you click the “add to cart” button below you’re going to get access to a complete and easy step-by-step system that will walk you through every step in the Real Estate Quick Cash process…

Even if you’ve never done a deal OR if you’ve never dabbled in real estate.

And even though I’ve decided to reduce the price dramatically and I know that once you get started you’ll literally be days away from making back 50 or 100 times your investment…

I want to make this the easiest decision you ever make for yourself and I know that I can help you…

That’s why if you say “YES” today to become a priority member of the Real estate Quick Cash system I’m going to give you the following bonuses to help push you over the top…

The Instant Business Package

  • You’ll get every single form, document, script, and flowchart I use as a co-wholesaler.
  • This will allow you to remove 100% of the fear you might have for moving forward.
  • You get my complete library of forms I use to run my business every day.  These have taken me years to develop and refine… so let me tell you, they work!
  • And you can’t get them anywhere else.

And as if that weren’t enough,

I’m also giving you…

My Personal REI Quick Cash Flow Chart

This is your visual step-by-step road map for doing deals and bringing cash in fast!

…and NO I’m still not done

What would a complete system be without…

The Complete REI Quick Cash Manual

This is your ultimate guide to creating quick cash in real estate through co-wholesaling.

Inside you’ll discover every dirty details and get answers to every question you’ll have so you can bring in profits without needing cash, credit or your own buyers list!

And you get everything today the entire system and all the bonuses for the ultra low price of 2 payments of $49 or 1 Payment of only $67

Simply click on the ‘add to cart’ button below…

And I should give you a fair warning:

If you aren’t trained properly you could screw everything up! Sure this is a simple process, but you need to know what to do first, second, third, etc so that you can actually get paid for what you’re doing!

This is the cheapest and most reliable way to get the proper training and proper tools to succeed as a co-wholesaler with the real estate quick cash system…

And today you can get complete access
for over 50% off the normal price…

So, Let’s take a look at everything you get today:

  • Real Estate Quick Cash System (Value – $997)
  • The REI Quick Cash Automated Software (Value – $495)
  • The Instant Business Package (Value – $497)
  • The REI Quick Cash Flowchart (Value – $197)
  • The Complete Quick Cash Manual (Value – $697)

Total value: $2,883

But if you take action today and get started now, I’m going to let you get everything for a tiny fraction of this amount,

Only one payment of $49.

Again, I have my reasons, but you’re going to want to take advantage of my offer now. This price is temporary and it will go up.

Plus, you’re completely 100% covered by my full, no questions asked guarantee!

But you need to act fast, because the real truth is this:

“Every day you delay moving forward is a day you lose profits.

We’re experiencing a real estate fire sale unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetime and now is the absolute best time to get involved.

With a strategy like this where it’s so easy and affordable to get started and make money you’ll kick yourself if you don’t push yourself to get started today!”

And Here’s The Most Important Reason To Act Immediately:

I’m taking this off the market soon…

I told you earlier my real reason for drastically reducing the price today was to get you started fast and get success stories for my NY Times bestseller…

…well right now we’re on track to wrap up the book and get it off to the publisher within the next few weeks and when the publisher calls and asks for the book I’m going to be forced to pull this system off the market.

So you should get started below now,

You’re covered by my No Questions Asked money back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Click below now to get going!

I hope to see you on the inside…

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