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With the boom in real estate, the need arises to try different styles in staging. It is really important to stage the home well as this is crucial for selling the home for a good price. Potential buyers feel attracted by the décor of the home. Designs are a part of home staging. There are various cool and enticing design trends for the year. There are changes in the home design patterns too. Zack Childress, a real estate mentor and founder of REI success academy reviews the various home and interior design trends in the coming paragraphs.

Appealing jewel tones

Lovely colors of emerald, gems and rubies are the new mania. These colors inspire delight in the hearts of the future buyers. They can be used as tints for any room, be it the kitchen, bedroom or the bathroom. Buyers will surely feel entranced by these which are known as jewel tones. These colors will feature most predominantly in home decors like artwork and furniture

Community spaces

More and more people are stuck up with their work on the computer and they turn to social media for entertainment. They live away from their relatives and families. This results in loneliness. As a result, there will be crop up in the number of community spaces and multifamily homes. Community spaces offer play areas, walk spaces, theaters, fitness spaces, swimming pools and so on. People can meet each other at these places and ward off the solitary feeling.

Taupe is the new hue charm

White has been the most popular color for painting usually. In the recent years, grey has been overtaking white. In 2017, a new cozier color called Taupe is set to replace both white and grey. Taupe is a generally pleasant color which will feature on the exteriors of a home synthesizing well with the window panes, roofs, ceilings, tiles, doors and environment. Not only this, it will be used as an interior design color too.

Block colors are also adding to the collection

Bright and vibrant shades will resurge with 2017. Tints such as sunshine yellow, warming orange and bright blues are presumed to control the color palette.

Well being homes

People are finally realizing the importance of health. Various health crisis have suggested that people look for healthier homes. People have started looking for homes which have water purifiers, HVAC systems along with non noxious paints and good, non-contaminated water supply. As a result of this present day architects and builders are constructing homes based on health factors. More buyers are expected to arrange contamination checks and removals before purchasing new homes.

Homes – a place to relax

Homes are a place to unfurl. More and more people work hard and they need spaces to play, walk exercise and de stress. Remodelers and architects should take a survey on what play and unwinding amenities are preferred by inhabitants of houses.


Various home and interior decoration styles are emerging rapidly. Zack Childress, a real estate author and speaker analyses the home and design trends for the year 2017. Buyers, sellers and every real estate pro must read and update their knowledge on this topic.








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