Co-Wholesaling:Zack Childress Real Estate Branding – What It Is About?


co-wholesaling-Personal branding is something which is the key to success of realtors. Nowadays, it has become very important to showcase a persuasive and consistent feel that vibes with your target audience. Your personal brand, which is a key to your success in the long-term should be communicated efficiently.

Now let’s see the important strategies for making this work.

  • You should be cognizant of your strengths, aim and inclination to work. The real estate arena is very competitive and it becomes very important to develop your competitive advantage.
  • You can either make yourself known through individual accomplishments or add value to your real estate profile. You should also have cognizant of the fact how your friends perceive you.
  • For any business to be successful the target audience is of utmost importance. You should be well-equipped with aspects like the driving force of your audience. You can also think of ways to provide solution to your clients. You can then get to know as to what mode of communication they desire.
  • The real estate market is seeing a surge and the availability of buyers and sellers is becoming large. Having said that, there is also an increase in competition. So the key is that you should be a step ahead of them. You can research your local market and see which fortes are not being considered to the fullest extent.
  • Just as building a convincing brand is important you should also talk about it. You can do this through websites, ads, blogs etc. The key is consistency in communication.
  • Client testimonials are one way to develop a consistent and persuasive brand image. You can also talk about your accomplishments and any content that is published by you. Now the question is the frequency of sharing. You can share once in every day so that the message is consistent. But be sure that you stick on to the brand standards.
  • Since there is lot of competition in the real estate market you should craft extremely good content to gain the attention of your target audience. Since pictures are a great way to capture the attention of the audience you can utilize remarkable visuals. But you should be double sure that your content is relevant and doesn’t deviate.
  • Just as you involve yourself in online communities you can also get into offline sharing. You should possess honesty in your work and this will be liked by your clients. Networking is very crucial for effective branding; take active part in professional committees, etc.

Traditional means of advertising cannot be depended upon heavily and you have to try your luck in new modes like content marketing, video marketing etc.

If the clients are content with your work then there is no doubt that they will refer you on a consistent basis. For this you have earn a good reputation and be proactive as far as boosting and maintaining your brand is concerned.

Getting more into the blog part can develop your own blog so that you can convey your message to your present and ideal clients. You can put aside some of your marketing budget for the purpose of content marketing. When you post content on your blog page consistently then that can act as a factor that makes you stand apart. You can also get to know more audience through this method. Taking active part in social media also becomes essential for a successful building of brand.

When you are building your personal brand you should come into terms with the fact that it has also the possibility of evolving with the passage of time. In the meantime, you can work on new strategies and received feedback from your audience.





Co-Wholesaling:What Every Real Estate Investor Need To Know About REIT-Zack Childress


Co-wholesaling-REIT- real estate investment trust… REITs’ are companies that have possession of income-producing real estate …Without much trumpet call, real estate investment trusts, or REITs, have turn out to be one of the past decade’s fastest-growing investments. To make it more clear, in the recent years, real-estate investment trusts that invest in all types of commercial real estate, have been contributing adequately for investors and there are certain things that you need to know about REIT’s and this article will reveal what every real estate investor should know about REIT.

Volatility: REITs aren’t lackluster, steady investments, but they do fluctuate meaning they go up and down and sometimes stridently move in and out of good turn with investors.

Not like buying a house: Some people have a mistaken impression that REIT’s are like buying a house, but the fact is that they are nothing like traditional homeownership. To put it simple, it is much like a specialized mutual fund that may invest in any of an extensive assortment of companies that put up, own and manage commercial real estate.

Strong long-term performance: As a matter of fact, REIT’s had a long history of producing good returns and from 1975 through 2014 there have been favorable market conditions.

Short-term performance effect: While strong long-term performances are said to have a favorable circumstance for real estate investors, short-term performances of REIT’s can have adverse effects.
REIT qualifications

As a professional real estate investor, you should know about the qualifications of a real estate investment trust. For a company to make the grade as a REIT it must be an entity that is taxable as a conglomerate and a bare minimum of at least 75% of the company’s total assets should be invested in real estate. In addition, it should draw from it, at least 75 percent of its gross earnings from rents from real property, interest on mortgages financing real property or from sales of real estate. With that said, it should have a minimum of 100 shareholders and shall pay at least at least 90 percent of its taxable income in the form of shareholder dividends each year, while not having more than 50% of its shares held by more than four or fewer individuals which should be administered by a board of directors or trustees. The aforesaid eligibility criteria’s sometimes differ according to state laws and rules.

Hope this article was helpful. If you are looking to learn more about real estate concepts in detail, then without further ado consider attending Zack Childress’s seminar which will be helpful to you by all means. Zack Childress is a real estate mentor who helps aspiring realtors to become more successful by teaching them real estate principles, markets, and finance. If you ever wanted to excel by building your knowledge and skills, keep tuned to Zack Childress seminars and camps that will help you to build your skill base and take a client-oriented approach to your business.




Co-Wholesaling:Zack Childress Tips To Increase The Selling Potential Of Your Home In Winter


co-wholesaling-It’s tough to sell your house in the winter and you will end up facing lots of challenges. But there are certain ways in which you can stage your home to attract potential buyers and avoid these winter woes

Zack Childress, a real estate author, speaker and mentor, gives you tips on how to maximize your selling potential in the winter months.

Give coziness to your visiting prospective buyer

You can light up the wooden fireplace, if it is new. Else if it is an old one, it is safer not to light the fire since smoke from the fireplace is a put off for visiting buyers. If you cannot light a fire, then consider offering some fine wine or other drink to warm buyers.

Monitor the temperature of the house

Buyers often look for many homes. They come to your home as part of their home visiting tour. So they will be tired, running in and out of cars and lifts. They will mostly be dressed in heavy clothes to protect themselves from the outside cold .Therefore they don’t prefer a hot inside. So monitor the temperature of your home and set it right before these potential buyers enter.

Set aside areas for storage

You don’t want puddles and snow at places in your house. Keep hangers for winter coats and umbrellas here and there in your house but in an organized manner. Keep a shoe rack outside for the potential buyers to place their shoes. Also lay an absorbent doormat for buyers to wipe their feet and then enter. You should present the house in a neat and organized fashion when they enter.

Showcase spaces and entertainment possibilities for the winter

You have to display the spaces for the winter. Indoor play areas, outdoor fireplaces, porches, basement expanses, tool sheds and so on are desirable winter spaces. Clean them before exhibiting. Furnish your outdoor fireplace or the porch and keep warm blankets and pillows on the couch or the sofa. Winter is the time for entertainment. So, give a party-like aura to your house. Keep cakes and chocolates in kitchen stands. Put a brand new pile of plates onto the kitchen shelves. When the potential buyer is visiting, you could probably have someone cook something nice and warm in the fireplace and have the delicious aroma wafting all over. Decorate the house with winter flowers and keep a basket of not only freshly plucked and brightly colored but also mouth watering fruits on the dining table.

Enhance the grace of your house

You can keep a Christmas tree or two and lights in the front yard to welcome the visitors. Use candles or lights to illuminate the house as a dark one is a put off. Snow globes, snow sheets, candy canes, garlands and rings of flowers and so on are some of the other things that you can use to give your house an enticing look when the prospective buyer visits.


These tips by Zack Childress will help in maximizing the selling potential of your house in the winter. So read through this and benefit.





Co-Wholesaling:Portfolio Diversification In Real Estate|Zack Childress


co-wholesaling-No matter the reason, there are several investment avenues that have attracted many; however, real estate remains an exceptional one. Having fascinated noteworthy interest among the institutional society because of its strong returns and moderately low volatility, this article is going to be about portfolio diversification in real estate.

In an attempt to reduce the risk of overall investments and to avoid damaging a portfolio’s performance by the poor performance of a single security, industry, (or country), investors, invest in different asset classes and securities of many issuers is termed as portfolio diversification.

Real estate is undeniably a noteworthy component of asset allocation, and should outline an element of any institutional or personal investment portfolio. Furthermore scaling up high in significance is infrastructure, which has comparable benefits to real estate. Now that you are clear with what is known as real estate portfolio diversification; nevertheless, how real estate contributes to a portfolio simply depends on how it is defined as an asset class. With dissimilar return and risks characteristics, they are classified into four categories like public, private, debt, and equity. Even though real estate has conventionally been treasured for its income-producing and inflation-hedging assets, the major role of real estate in a portfolio may be one of diversification.

One more benefit of investing in real estate is its diversification potential, as with major asset classes, real estate is said to have a low and sometimes negative correlation meaning the addition of real estate to a portfolio of diversified assets can simply lower portfolio volatility and make available a higher return per unit of risk.

Talking about inflation hedging, the competence of real estate stems from the constructive rapport between GDP growth and demand for real estate. Seeing that economies get bigger, the demand for real estate drives rents high and this, in turn, interprets into advanced capital values. As a result, real estate tends to keep up the purchasing power of capital, by passing some of the inflationary demands on to tenants and by slotting in some of the inflationary pressure, in the form of capital appreciation.

In general, an investor’s top priority is to have a well-diversified portfolio, although there is quite a few intact potential in the market, there is no alternate for this. Real estate together with infrastructure plays a significant role in optimizing portfolios. Though it may be appropriate to institutions, it is also applicable to private investors and they can benefit from this greatly.

Having said all that, if you wanted to build up your knowledge more on real estate concepts, then keep tuned to Zack Childress real estate seminars. Helping you understand the most knotty concepts of real estate, over time you will also be able to learn about how to take a client-oriented approach to your business. Zack Childress is a real estate entrepreneur who teaches courses on real estate principles, markets, and finance.

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Co-Wholesaling:Zack Childress Top Reasons Why Real Estate Business Is Worth Than Others

zack-childress-top-reasons-why-real-estate-business -is-worth-than-others

Employed and self-employed:

there is a lot of difference between the two, and each having its own benefits, we are going to see what makes real estate business worth it. There are several reasons why real estate business is valuable; however, it is very important for all real estate professionals to know what generates or detracts from a business’ value. This applies to all vendors in the real estate field, whether you are a realtor making an allowance for building a team or speculating out with your own brokerage, or a real estate entrepreneur beginning a tech based real estate startup, or an investor building a new dealing, or is simply a commercial real estate broker irrespective of whatever it is, detracting the business value is important. As a matter of fact, there is more than one way to assess the value of real estate business today.

Co-wholesaling-Income Value:

this is a very familiar stock market concept, where buyers are buying seeing the future cash flows.

Team Value:

Businesses are bought as acquihires meaning buying a company primarily for the skills and expertise of its staff, rather than for the products or services it supplies. By this means, one can have a strong team and add value to the business.

The VC Method:

A combination of two or three or sometimes more different ways come into play to look at a company’s worth in the Venture Capital method. In fact, they are similar to real estate appraisals and the worth of other comparable business sales are also looked at together with the discounted cash flow figure.

Now that you know why real estate business is worth compared to others, work on every single concept to not miss out on monetary gains. However, make sure that you do that by building a legitimate real estate business. Get to understand how it works and create a business plan, and valuations, assessing it, to gradually scale up the value of your business.

You really never be on familiar terms when you could use the additional wealth this offers, nevertheless, you will be glad you invested in this part of your work. Zack Childress is a real estate mentor who helps aspiring realtors to become more successful by teaching them real estate principles, markets, and finance. If you ever wanted to excel by building your knowledge and skills, keep tuned to Zack Childress seminars and camps that will help you to build your skill base and take a client-oriented approach to your business.

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Co-Wholesaling:Zack Childress Tips – How To Compute Capitalization Rate For Real Estate


co-wholesaling-If you invest in real estate, by means of income generating properties, then you need to know the method of finding out the value of a real estate, which is coined as capitalization rate which is also known as cap rate. It is an indirect measure of how fast an investment will pay for itself. Despite, there are several variations observed, given the property’s net operating income and its purchase price, the capitalization rate is determined easily.

Co-wholesaling-Steps involved in calculating cap rate

• Get the recent sold price of an income property (say an apartment complex).
• Find out the net operating income, or the net rentals. All operating expenditures are deducted, but not the credit. So, this estimate values the property as if you paid cash for it.
• To get the capitalization rate, divide the net operating income by the sale price.


To market a property is no easy thing and it requires a good preparation. Say for example you own a small apartment and wanted to sell it, in this case, you need to gather information about recently sold properties in the area that are similar to yours. It is important to find such properties that are very much similar to yours, not more or fewer units, but quite similar as possible. You will find two or three properties that have sold within the previous three or four months.

The most delicate element here is to determine their net operating income. At times, it’s available in the listing and sometimes it isn’t easy to get to. However, consider getting this information from a commercial real estate agent, say for example you get cap rates of three properties, calculate its average sum, meanwhile, know your property’s NOI and divide the NOI by the cap rate. Now that, you know how to make the calculation part, you can make a decision as to the cost you want to ask for the property and put it on the market.


To get informed about how to buy a property or land with expert information is the best thing that you can do for yourself. This will save a lot of hassles! When it comes to buying, the first question that arises is whether it is worth the money spent. In this case, again you will have to get some comparable properties together with an average sold capitalization rate.

Having said all that, remember this is not the case always. There can be better motives for a property justifying a better capitalization rate. Perceivably, it may be the location, the features, and the neighborhood, the cap rate just helps, but it must be evaluated before coming to a conclusion.

Buying and selling real estate, when done under the supervision of a real estate expert is said to bring fruitful returns. If you want to educate yourself on real estate concepts and wanted to make quick cash, then learn about Zack Childress real estate reviews, throwing light on the most important key concepts, you are sure to get more ideas from him.

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Co-Wholesaling:Zack Childress How Do Zillow And Trulia Work For Real Estate Agents


co-wholesaling-Buying leads from Zillow and Trulia, is it worth it? Which one is better? How will they be of help to me? These are the most common questions that Zack Childress get from real estate agents. Impressive revenue and valuation growth is the common stance of Zillow and Trulia, but how does that work for real estate agents out there?

Both Zillow and Trulia have their own potential to produce considerable leads for any agent. Nevertheless, they don’t turn out the same results for all. There are more than a few variables which can each play a responsibility in whether this type of marketing will work for any one picky real estate agent. Buying leads from these two companies depends on the type of marketing plan you hold.

It can provide cold lead sources for your business, however, you will have to be aware of how to work and meet the criteria of these lead sources. Responding back to these leads quickly is another important thing. Talking about the worth of it, it simply depends on one thing, how far you are able to convert these leads into buyers; the assurance of you getting an actual qualified buyer is at vain depending on certain cases. Depending on the situation there can sometimes be phenomenal results and sometimes the flipside of it. As a matter of fact, different agents and different zip codes will generate unstable results.

Allowing you to promote your listings and connect with new clients, you need to take your present situation and analyze in and out to bring out the best.This is a polarizing topic among realtors and next time when you are among your friends or colleagues try to get suggestions about these two real estate database companies. Along with what is being mentioned here, you will be able to get so many reviews that will be helpful.

A coin has two sides; similarly, both these platforms have the potential to generate a considerable amount of leads which doesn’t have to produce same results. The variable involved differs. So, it is always good to consider your current situation, lifestyle and then go with these real estate database companies who can help you with bringing up leads for you. Learn more about Zack Childress real estate reviews and other key concepts that will throw light on the most demanding topics and make quick cash.






Co-Wholesaling:Zack Childress Guidelines To Generate Leads In Real Estate Investing


co-wholesaling-The diverse and expanding marketing environment makes real estate lead generation more intimidating and confusing. Irrespective of the experience a realtor holds, it can sometimes be overwhelming. But you don’t have to worry as this piece of article is mainly written for you to understand how to generate leads in real estate and moreover it will help you to narrow down the options and ensure that the amount you spend on marketing is spent effectively.

Advertising in a newsletter, placing a classified ad or in the local yellow pages weekly or monthly, searching the MLS for Junker property are some of the key things you can do to generate leads. Others include creating a real estate blog, advertising using online paid ads on a range of websites and mobile apps or promoting using pay-per-click and ad words – Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc are also some of the best things you can do to generate leads.

You will find this to be very interesting, yes! You can actually start blogging daily and challenge yourself to make each post superior to the previous one. Similarly, you can hold competitions on social media or organize a neighborhood safety awareness program. By this means you can gain the trust of people face to face. Hand out business cards wherever you go, when they get any hunch you can convert them to a lead and you can also set up a social media channel based on houses in the area, well there are so many ideas. Keep reading to unearth more points.

Networking with professional people like attorneys, accountants, financial planners, surveyors, etc, then with service providers – lawnmower service, pool service, contractors, roofers, handyman, etc and with your sphere of influence – hand out your business cards to everyone you know are some of the other things you can do to generate leads. Join a local networking group and connect with your network at your local real estate investment or landlord association. Post ads with large employers, military bases, hospitals, relocation companies, attempting all these things are said to help. Having said all that, you can also go online and get all your leads in one place.

When you want to connect with and connect more than few deals then you can make it without further ado by contacting zack Childress who is a passionate real estate connoisseur. Fervent about making agents more productive and successful, you will get to learn more about the field while still knowing how to make life-long customers through outstanding products, leads, education, and customer support. Learn more on the topic of how to generate leads in real estate marketing by visiting Zack Childress website and throw more light on the topic to keep going. His reviews are sure to help you find the way out irrespective of the problem you are facing in real estate.






Co-Wholesaling-Zack Childress Life Changing Prizes You Could Win At REI Quick Cash Workshop


Zack Childress REI quick cash workshop:

– a program that helps you to create massive real estate fortunes. Offering the most comprehensive and practical knowledge on investment avenues and details like sourcing for the property, getting customers to buy the property, best marketing strategies, getting right with the paperwork, there are a whole lot of other concepts explained in this program. Highly beneficial to newbie’s and real estate practitioners by all means, you could also win life changing prizes in this REI Quick Cash Workshop.

There are several prizes that you could win in this workshop and the first lucky person to be selected can have the benefit of 30 days of unlimited email access, 4 phone calls, 30 minutes each, Access to Zack Childress, support team, 24/7, by this means you will know how he works through deals, and continues to grow his business.

Elucidating every single concept of real estate investing, Zack Childress, the professional mentor can also help you to come across tools and resources that you need to successfully make money as a real estate co-wholesaler. A real estate co-wholesaler does not in fact purchase real estate; in its place they act as an intermediate person connecting people looking for real estate deals with those who can provide those deals. In addition, you will also be able to find several other things like no money down real estate investing strategy and much more.

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Co-Wholesaling-Zack Childress’ Free Course Reviews – 25 Ways To Buy Real Estate With No Money


Co-wholesaling-For cash-strapped investors, this may come as a surprise, buying real estate with no money down assistance. A fairly large number of investment deals that become known throughout the real estate market on an annual basis aren’t achieved only through traditional lenders and institutions like banks, but it involves less traditional means, which is going to be unearthed or revealed in this piece of writing. Regardless of the reason, there are several investors out there who couldn’t raise the capital or didn’t have the credit score to do so, for them this strategy of real estate with no money down will be rewarding and easy.

Know you financial alternatives to best achieve your deals and to become a successful real estate investor. These hard money lenders set forth some fees in the form of points and it represents an upfront percentage fee based on the amount borrowed.

Having said that, the amount charged i.e. the fees and interest rates are not universal, hence investors need to do their due diligence.

Private money loans are yet another option available to cash-strapped investors. Bringing speed and efficiency to every transaction, as far as this type of finance is concerned, it will cost six to twelve percentage of interest generally.

Wholesaling is another option which requires no large sums of money down neither high credit score. Finally partnership, a common path in real estate investments, what one investor lacks, another can cope up with especially money and talents can be exchanged.